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Art Q&A

1. When did you start drawing?
I started drawing when I was... maybe six or seven. I was really young. And I had been going through lots of surgeries on my legs so I had little else to do. I took up drawing because it was fun, and gave me something to pass the time while I was in casts. I liked the PPG (Powerpuff Girls) style so I drew a lot of that. I also remember a time when I drew stills from Sonic the Hedgehog the Movie (OVA). I'd pause the TV and sit and look at the screen off and on, sketching the characters out. I was really proud of them, too. I did a couple of Tails and Sonic. I lost the papers, though. >.<

2. Why did you join DeviantArt?
I honestly don't remember how I came across the site. But I wanted to find a place where I could share my art with others and keep better track of it. I joined simply because it was a free, easy-to-use website that seemed the most reliable than just using Photobucket or something.

3. What got you into bases and dolls?
I discovered bases a while back. I was struggling to draw anime like I wanted to try, and I remember finding a blank template someone had made. I started using them after learning of the term 'base', and from there I was hooked. Over a long time, I think I can say I've improved quite a lot.

4. Do you use a tablet?
No. I don't have one [yet]. I don't have a scanner either, and I really don't want to have to use my crappy-quality webcam to take horribly blurry shots of artwork I try drawing on paper to upload. For now, I use a mouse for all my works.

5. What programs do you use?
I use MS Paint (Win7) and Gimp 2.6 (because the other versions suck).

6. Who are your general DA art (writing included) idols?
Art - SovereignAshes, CobaltTheFox, Twiinyan, Blues-Eyes, Dreadful-Etiquette, VanillaChama, Celestialess, semehammer, fyre-flye, bleedman, Kiwiggle, m00nstonee, NemiruTami, aisu-isme, iVui, SecretMonsters, 1n33d4hug
Writing - PancakePie, SovereignAshes

7. Do you take requests? (e.g. "can u make a base of this plz", "can u draw my oc like this")
No. Read my profile. It's right there. I used to take requests for bases and dolls, but as of right now, I don't. They are only for friends (and by "friends" I mean people I have known and talked to a while; I'm not going to do free art for you just because you think we're best friends).

8. Why do you leave off the other ear in your pony bases?
Because of several reasons. 1) I suck at improvising ears, 2) it makes it easier for people to draw the top part of the mane without the other ear in the way. At least, it works for me, 3) it's actually kind of cute the way it looks, in my opinion.

9. How do you make bases?
I've made a series of tutorials you can find here. Keep in mind most of them are incomplete. I will get around to finishing them when I have the motivation. >.> Be patient.

They've been moved to my base/collab account, softybases.

11. Can I make fanart for you? :D
You don't have to ask to make fanart. Just credit me for the Guardians or OCs you draw.

12. Can we do an art trade?
No. Friends only.

13. Why do you sometimes disable comments on your art?
Because I'm allowed to disable or hide comments if I so choose. I don't typically hide/disable them just for the hell of things (unless it's to clear up clutter on my profile or something); so if I do hide/disable, it's probably for a good reason. Hassling me about what I do on my own account will result in you being blocked/ignored.

14. How do you put gradients on your pictures?
You can find a tutorial here.

15. What do you use to record your screen during a stream?
I NOW often use It's lighter, puts less strain on my computer, and is slightly easier to use (and far less laggy, in my opinion). I also use Livestream Procaster occasionally when it's not bugging up and being a dick.

16. Is free?
To a point. You can use a 'one-time link', or you can subscribe/pay to get the full deal. I don't know all the details, though. XD;

17. You make your art in MS Paint, but how do you make the backgrounds transparent?
Gimp 2.6. It has an "alpha channel" option that allows you to select the background and remove it. Fiddle with the layers and stuff to find it. And yes, Gimp is free to download. Google it.

Personal Q&A

1. Are you a boy or girl?

2. How old are you?
Twenty-six. March 6.

3. Do you like being called Softfang or Softy?
Whatever is fine, whatever floats your boat. XD

4. Where does Softfang, emii-desu, SachikoMerry, and Softysama come from?
'Softfang' was a nickname that an old camp friend gave me. She was deaf, and she wanted to give me her own personalized sign-name. Softfang stuck. It was very fitting, and still seems appropriate. Soft because I'm sensitive, shy, and passionate about things; fang because I can also be fairly bitchy and protective when I want to be.

'emii-desu' was a random, spur-of-the-moment creation when I decided to try and change my name (before I realized I couldn't go back to the original).

'SachikoMerry' was chosen to replace the 'emii-desu' one because it actually has meaning. Sachiko Merry is the name of a special RP character of mine. She is, essentially, me and the type of person I wish I were more like.

'Softysama' is the now-permanent one. I can't go back to Softfang, and I've experimented with other usernames but nothing compares to it. Softysama fits because 'Softy' is my nickname from Softfang, and 'sama' because apparently people look up to me. >.>

5. Do you go to school?

6. Do you have a job?

7. Can we be friends?
No. It doesn't work like that.

8. Who are your closest best friends?
Ryan, Chantel, Rachael, Mike, Eugene, and Jess.

9. [Insert super nosy questions about my personal/private life]?
My life is MY business, not yours. I'm sick of having to explain everything to everyone over the internet. In the past, I used to be open about lots of things and tried my best to explain things so everyone would understand; but I realize now that it's MY personal life. It doesn't have to become everyone's business what I do with myself or who I date and why and what happened when or where. So please, stop asking me. If you insist on pressing me about it or harassing me for info, I will block you.

Pony Q&A

1. Who is your favorite of the Mane Six?
Fluttershy. AJ's been booted to second place.

2. What about background ponies?
It's a tie between Derpy and Vinyl.

3. Who is your least favorite pony and why?
Probably either Flim/Flam Bros. or Cheese Sandwich. Because they are super annoying to me. >.> I also can't stand Doctor Whooves. I'm not a Who fan so yeah. >.>

4. "Brony" or "Pegasister"?
I hate the term "pegasister", so I like being called a brony regardless of my gender. I'm not an obsessed-fan "brony" but I do spend some time almost everyday drawing, or watching ponies. Just... no porn. Please.

5. How did you become a brony?
An old friend of mine was constantly nagging at me about how awesome the show was. Back then, I was in denial--I thought the show was stupid and silly like most bronies start out thinking. Then, one day I noticed we had the Hub on our TV. So one morning I chose to sit down and watch the episode that was on (Owl's Well That Ends Well). I was hooked halfway through it. And thus began my passion for ponies.

6. What's your opinion on the pony fanbase?
It's full of awesome people, but it's also full of idiots and creeps. I don't pay much attention to the grungy side of the fandom. I prefer the nicer, sane side (the only exception to this being the horror side since I like horror and gore). I can't stand the porn side, though.

7. Any pony artists you admire?
CobaltTheFox, Celestialess, ThaMutt, Fluffomaru, IinkyDinky, Twiinyan, aisu-isme, JellyCredible, DoomcakesJojuki-chan,...

8. How many OCs do you have?
...A lot. Check most of them out here.

9. Out of all of your OCs, which ones are your top favorites?
Right now, there's... Queen Calliope, Pepper Dust, Reese Dream, Sugar Glaze, and Peppermint Song.

10. Where do you come up with your ideas for your characters?
I honestly don't know what to tell you. XD; I just... design them, really. Whatever fits when I mess around with random looks.


The FAQ will update occasionally, so if you don't see an answer to your question, then please note me so I can place it here.

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