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Trade-adopted from Death-Bunnii. :heart:

Timeline: Queen Calliope's Reign | Generation II
World/Planet: Equuis

Full Name: Priism Essence
Nicknames: Priism, Prii, Essie
Species: Mare | Pegasus
Age: Adult | 23
Status: Lesbian | Dating Mythic Jazz
Friends: Peppermint Song
Relations: Coda (father), TBA (mother)

Cutie Mark:
Talent: TBA
Idols: Vinyl Scratch

Personality: Outgoing and confident, she doesn't seem to care what others think of her. She always speaks her mind, often bluntly if necessary. She's highly protective of her friends, and would do nearly anything within her power for them if they needed her. She loves partying (safely, that is) and having fun with other ponies. She hates staying indoors, much less alone for too long. She is fascinated by music, particularly dubstep at the moment. One of her weaknesses is cotton candy.

Manestyle and Colors: She wasn't born with the colors she is always sporting. Nor was her hair as layered and fluffy as it is now. She never liked her natural color or the style.

Occupation: TBA
Hometown: Cloudsdale
Current Residence: Ponyville

Bio: TBA

Bases © SelenaEde
Template © SelenaEde and CobaltTheFox
Character © Softysama 2015
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June 5, 2014
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