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Peppermint Song -Official OC Reference Sheet- by Softysama Peppermint Song -Official OC Reference Sheet- by Softysama
Timeline: Queen Calliope's Reign | Generation II
World/Planet: Equuis

Full Name: Peppermint Song
Nicknames: Pepper, Minty
Species: Mare | Unicorn
Age: Adult | 23
Status: Lesbian | Dating Soul Chord
Friends: Livestrong, Priism Essence, Note Worthy
Relations: Allegro (father), Cantata (mother)

Cutie Mark:
 Upside-down treble clef and a bass clef forming a heart
Talent: Whistling
Idols: Octavia

Personality: She is a very sweet mare. She rarely speaks, preferring to communicate through hums and whistles; the only ponies who can understand her hums and whistles are Soul and Livestrong. When she does speak, her voice is soft, gentle, melodic, and clear as a bell. She is very confident, passionate, and loves to cuddle and sing for others. She has a weak constitution and gets sick easily. She is also quite accident-prone.

Occupation: TBA
Hometown: Canterlot
Current Residence: Ponyville

Bio: Peppermint Song was born an only foal. She was raised into a life full of music due to her musician parents. She didn't learn to speak until she was a young filly, being a stubborn late bloomer in that regard. Instead, she chose to communicate through hums and whistles. She was teased and isolated for it growing up, having trouble making friends. She strayed away from trying eventually, only focusing on her love for music. She recieved her cutie mark shortly after coming to the realization that her true passion, her life's goal, was to become the world's first professional whistler. All she wanted was to make other ponies feel happy with her sweet, innocent, chipper whistling tunes.

She later met Livestrong, who instantly befriended her and helped her go through various music auditions. She was there when each audition site turned her down because they were looking for singers or performers who played instruments. She was there as she grew into a young mare. She eventually met Soul Chord, and the two hit it off really well before Pepper soon discovered that she was in love with her; the two ended up becoming mates.

Bases © SelenaEde
Template © SelenaEde and CobaltTheFox
Character © Softysama 2015
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