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DOLL: My Hero is You by Softysama DOLL: My Hero is You by Softysama

I was bandaged, I found out when I looked down. My belly was wrapped, but... one thing I noticed was, I could no longer move my left hoof. I didn't have it anymore. It was... gone. There was wrapping there, but not even a stump remained.


"Come on, kid, let's get out of here before that stupid monster comes back!"

I look up, seeing a rainbow-colored mane. There, standing over me, was Rainbow Dash. I knew her name because I was inspired by her. I loved how fast and talented she was. How strong and brave. She was a true Pegasus. Before I could even protest, she picked me up onto her back and took off into the air.

Only then did I get a good look at what destruction we were leaving behind. Fires raged all over the blood-soaked ground. Bodies were strewn everywhere. Only three of them caught my eye. I recognized them. I could feel tears streaking down my face, but I couldn't feel them on one side. I brought my right hoof to my face, noticing my eye had been bandaged.

"Don't, kid. You don't want to know what's under that."

I hesitated, then frowned deeply. I knew now the damage the Manticore had done to me. I had lost my wings, my leg, and even my eye to that foul beast. I sobbed quietly while I rode on Rainbow's back.

She took me somewhere new. Somewhere I would grow up. Somewhere I would never want to leave. Somewhere... called Ponyville.

- Excerpt from my story, Snippet of the Past, a look beneath Livestrong's scars.

Title inspired by Hayden Panettiere's My Hero is You.

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December 3, 2012
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